Welcome to Wesley Chapel Air Conditioning specializing in air conditioning repair for the Wesley Chapel and the Tampa Bay area. We are a local family owned business licensed in Florida. At Wesley Chapel A/C company, our philosophy is simple – service first. We take pride in providing customer service comparable to none. We are committed to offering competitive pricing without compromising workmanship. Before you sign a contract with anyone else give Wesley Chapel A/C company the opportunity to earn your business, you’ll be glad that you did.

Service Agreements

These agreements seek to maintain a relationship with the customer using periodic maintenance and membership gimmicks as a hook.


  • Unless your system has a unique problem, maintenance intervals are at least one (1) year apart if not longer. Residential systems have no belts to tighten, motor bearings are sealed and require no lubrication, and refrigerant circuits are hermetically sealed and should not have trash, air, and acids introduced by constant connections to various gauge sets.
  • Spring cleaning chemicals on coils will corrode and damage them causing leaks.
  • Technicians are paid a percentage of everything that they can sell so frequent maintenance equals frequent sales opportunities.

Why be a victim!

Change your air filter once a month to keep your unit clean and call us to correct problems. Not make them!  If preventive maintenance is require, just call us, no contract required.

High Pressure Sales

The ultimate goal in manipulative AC businesses is to sell a new system to every customer. Each service call is scripted to provide sales opportunities. Salesmen are decorated to look like technicians with fresh pressed shirts embroidered with flags and certifications. Hospital booties and a lot of talking points you can save with “NEW High Efficiency” equipment to replace your old, rusted, moldy, about to explode, system. Really?

90% of our service calls result in quick affordable repairs. Of the remaining 10%, only two (2) systems are replaced (yes, 2 out of 100) because we want our customers to enjoy a practical service life from their existing equipment which allows you to make wise decisions concerning replacement equipment.


Within a few minutes of arriving, Mike had determined the exact problem, solution, and cost of our failed A/C motor. Not only did he complete the motor repair, he also did a full inspection of the system, and gave some great suggestions on how to maintain the unit running strong.

We were very pleased with the speed and quality of service that Mike provided.  I would definitely recommend his company for any A/C issues.

Carolee E

The air conditioning air handler in the garage was leaking and making a noise. We called another service provider, but that company wanted $100 just for coming to the house on a service call plus the cost of parts and labor for any work done. In addition, they advised that couldn’t come out until the next afternoon. We thought their price was too high, and we didn’t want to wait that long. We then called Wesley Chapel Air Conditioning and were told that someone could come to the house that same night.

They charged $75 for a service call, but the charge was eliminated if we had them do the repair work. Mike Reaka came out to the house about an hour later, diagnosed the problem and corrected it on the spot. He also added two pounds of Freon to our 19-year-old unit and made a number of other small adjustments. The total cost for labor, Freon and other parts was $150. We were very pleased with Mike’s professionalism and the fact that he didn’t try to “upsell” us for such an old unit. We will definitely use Wesley Chapel Air Conditioning again.

Barbara C

The A/C in my office stopped working. The thermostat was not functioning at all or it would just go blank. I thought I needed a new thermostat, but Mike (the owner) quickly identified that the problem was that my drain line was backed-up. He cleared it. He did a check of the whole system, educated me about better filters and how I should maintain the system.

Mike was quick to respond. He was there within a few hours of my calling him, which in June in Florida was much appreciated. He didn’t try to sell me anything. He just fixed what needed to be fixed. His price was fair. He spent time educating me about preventative things I could do to save money down the road. I would definitely use him again.

Brian N

The owner is knowledgeable and was eager to get to the problem,. There was a leak in my air handler and he fixed it better than what was there before. He spent the first 30 minutes analyzing my 2 systems at no charge and   fixed some issues I was having with duct work in my second system. I found him pleasant professional and would call him again if my system were to have issues. I recommended him to my friends. Great local business!

My overall experince was a low pressure professional job that fixed a problem that many others may have charge significantly more for. They kept me apprised of their progress and any other issues they might have identified WITHOUT a high pressure …you need to fix this now or the world will end kind of sale. Overall I’d give him a AAAA+++

Jack D

Their service is good. Their prices are competitive. I would use them in the future.

Denise L