Service and Repair


Before You Call!!!

Sometimes the problem is simple so try these things first: Thermostats.  If your thermostat has batteries, replace them.  Not all thermostats need batteries, but when they do they must be replaced regularly. Check Your Air Filter.  A clogged air filter will cause small problems like bad airflow and icing.  Which can result in big problems like a damaged compressor, so change your air filter once a month. Even if it says 3 months on it. Circuit Breakers.  Rarely a breaker can trip during one of our lightening storms.  If you can reset it, great, but if it trips again that is it, don’t keep resetting it just give us a call.


Dreaded Service Call

imageOnce you determine your system needs our help just give us a call.  Wesley Chapel A/C is on your side.  Our goal is to find the problem, make a practical correction, and inform you of the best way to keep it from happening again.  You will not be disrespected with obnoxious sales gimmicks to push new equipment or abusive service agreements where you agree to pay to have an air conditioning salesman come to your home on a regular basis to try to sell you a whole new system, UV light, or programmable thermostat under the pretense of “tuning up” or “maintaining” your air conditioner. We believe long term relationships are built on truth and trust.  We want our customers to have a long term business relationships with us because of the trust and value that they place in Wesley Chapel AC.  Is that what you want?