When To Replace?

All good things come to an end! And air conditioning equipment is a good thing. Typically the time to replace old equipment is when the repair required for continued operation is impractically expensive.  The trick is to find someone who will give a truthful evaluation of the repair cost instead of inflating the repair price in order to parlay each service call into an entire system replacement $$$$$$$.

With that said, when the time does come it is too late to plan ahead.  A BIG BILL IS ON THE WAY, LOOK OUT!!!  All commercially provided financing has a truth and lending APR of 18-20%.  If your system is 10 years old be ready so you don’t fall into debt for a bit of cold air in your home.

When you plan ahead:

  • You can make a wise decision about what equipment to install
  • How efficient it should be
  • What corrections need to be made to the existing configuration
  • And so on

So that you end up with a practical, efficient, and reliable system.

Our goal is to install a system in your home that we would be proud to have in ours.

AC Replacement

See the links below for equipment brochures from our favorite, most reliable, manufacturer:

High Pressure Sales (Not Here)

The ultimate goal in manyAC businesses is to sell a new system to every customer. Each service call is scripted to provide sales opportunities. Salesmen are decorated to look like technicians with fresh pressed shirts embroidered with flags and certifications, hospital booties, and lots of talking points like “You can save with NEW High Efficiency equipment to replace your old, rusted, moldy, about to explode, system”.  That is not what Wesley Chapel AC is about.

90% of our service calls result in quick affordable repairs. Of the remaining 10%, only two (2) systems are replaced (yes, 2 out of 100) because we want our customers to enjoy a practical service life from their existing equipment which allows you to make wise decisions concerning replacement equipment.

About Financing

Remember “The Borrower Becomes The Slave To The Lender”.

Proverbs 22:7

We don’t want any slaves! Just customers!